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Hi, My name is Jayan Prabhakar, husband of a super lovable woman, a normal employee turned a traditional Ayurvedic practitioner turned Digital Innovator

When I went to a festival at a temple in my hometown when I was 9 years old, I asked my mother if she could buy me a car that I saw in a children’s toy store. But when I heard this, my father asked my mother back. Whether to buy rice or buy a car. I was very sad to hear this. I never forced them to do anything again

I was born into one of the poorest families in our village. I had not invited my friends to my one-room house

Making money anyway was my biggest dream.

My mother would always tell me. We have a good time. I had faith in that edge. I often remembered these words.

After Plus Two, I wanted to become a music professional. But I did not have the money to study, so I had to give up that desire. By the time I was nineteen I had been teaching music to people and children older than me.

I dropped out of college halfway through my career because I was interested in marketing. I worked for a total of three months in my life, as a sales manager at HDFC life insurance company. I wanted to start my own business. So I started a training academy in 2011. I organized a variety of training programs. I gave up the venture because I did not have a steady income

So I later started our family tradition of Ayurvedic treatment. I have treated and cured more than a thousand patients, Inside and outside India. So Covid-19 comes in while the treatment continues

Two weeks before Covid-19 came, a friend of mine came to my clinic to see me. He told me about Siddharth. So I started following Siddharth. This was the turning point in my life.

Started practicing his webinar model. So I bought Siddharth’s product and found the money in Gold Mortgage

So I started WhatsApp class. In sixty days I earned four lakh rupees. My total investment is Rs 599, mobile recharge.

After that I started consultation .. In seven days I earned Rs 5 lakh. From a single customer.

I was able to create over a hundred students.

I was able to give them a good result. Thanks to my mentor Sidharth Rajsekhar.

I am on a mission to help one lakh young people to achieve digital passive income without bothering their parents and family and thereby make the happy life they want possible.

I am taught How To Create Digital Passive Income Within 60 Days From The Scratch


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